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Saturday, November 16, 2002


it's better to be eaten than to be fucked?

sad to say but it seems like everyone is paying far more attention to what my lil anonymous friend types than what i have in my blog.
90% of the comments that are entered are for her.
i guess, it's better off being the 'bad guy' .
maybe i should learn from her, enter other's blog n leave nasty mails?
hmm.... however on second thoughts, i doubt i have that much free time.

anyway, just caught harry potter.
well, its better than i expected, especially when compared to the first one.
filled with alot of details.
however, due to the attention paid on the tiny details, i find development of the story too tediously slow.
kept tinking when would the climax come.
didnt help that ive read the bk beforehand.
so i knew whats going to happen next n was practically predicting their next step.
i was so bored and was trying my best not to fall asleep.
(one guy next to me was snoring loudly).
my friends and i began debating about the film locations in UK
(trying to test our geograhpical knowledge of UK), from the Hogsmeade Station Location to Hogwarts School Locations.
grin, proud of myself that i got the Platform 9 3/4 correct. (been to london King's Cross Station far too often).
just when we ran out of 'guess the location', the film finally reached its climax.
Potter has finally found the Chamber of Secrets.
YEAH. but, my housemate had to miss it.
she suffers from ophidiophobia (fear of snakes).
so she spent the next 15 minutes with her palm in front of her face, timdly looking at the screen though the cracks in her fingers.
imagine spending 4 pounds (S10) to watch a film n missing the climax.
what an anticlimax.

the film ended after we had sat in the cinema for 3 hrs.
(yes, the film is about 2 n a half hrs with another half hr of commercials n movie trailers) my stomach was growling.
we went to an italian restaurant.
i decided to order this yummy-sounding smoked salmon pasta.
(its been a long time since i had fish. we dont get any fresh seafood in Nottingham. we r in the midlands. no sea nearby.)
when our orders arrived, to my horror, the salmon was only half a biteful!
i never felt so cheated.

while playing pool, a guy came n chat me up coz of my pink hair.
y is only guys who approach me?
i dyed my hair thinking that i would get to know more girls.
(im too shy to approach them. i need them to make the first move)
boy how wrong could i get.
its only the guys who talk to me.
after 2 mths, not a single ger approached me.
i thot pink is a colour that most gers like??????
can someone pls update me on the latest fave femme colour.
its time i change my hair colour.

ps: jie, can u be a lil more patient? wait till ive settled my project and i will learn abit about html n change the skin.

Friday, November 15, 2002

words of wisdom from XT regarding my first entry

but my answer quite fix..
teach me ba
'What do you think?
if they say a guy
i'm a guy
if they say i'm a girl
ok i'm a girl..
quite used to it already la..

actually, she didnt really want me to put it in..but.....
i thought i should share it with others who get harrassed too.

fucking tired. wished i could sleep more. but friend woke me up. she managed to find a picture of Hugo's Boss 'In Motion' cologne bottle after 3 days. we r currently working on a marketing proj n coming up with a feasible promotion plan. its kind of interesting till now. THERE IS ONLY ONE SCANNER IN MY WHOLE BLOODY UNIVERSITY! i dont believe it, but thats what the tech told me. well, luckily enough, there is no Q. yipee! we booked the comp, eagerly turned on the scanner, only to find THAT ITS SPOILT. dang! no wonder there is no Q. made one wasted trip. n now we r back to square one. with no pic of our bottle. congrats to our proj that is due this wed. lalalalala. pity no one has a scanner here. very tempted to buy one. n return it the next day. grrrr. i feel like killing someone.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Today sucks.

as usual, i started feeling hungry at 8am.
grabbed my yellow jacket,
pulled on my jeans.
headed to mac's
i did a lil work last nite *beams*
was proud of myself
wanted a lil reward.

i walked briskly,
met 3 boys on bike
they pulled up in front of me
asked if i spoke eng
'ya' i replied
boy 1 asked,
'u a boy or a ger?'
i looked at him weirdly,
'ger, cant u see?'
boy 1 replied,
'where's ur titties?'
i puffed out my chest
'are u blind? its here!'
boy 2 cuts in,
'u r the one that is blind. u r wearing specs'
ignoring them,
i walked off.
tinking back,
i should have recommended him to get a pair of specs too.

too pissed to eat in macs
decided to ta bao.
alas, on my way home,
i met the 3 boys again. *urgh*
boy 1 jeered,
'where's ur buns?'
i blurly waved my sausage mcmuffin n said
'here, but im not giving it to u'
boy 1 laughed
boy 2 came up to me,
pointed str8 at my chest
n asked again,
'wheres ur buns?'
deciding that silence was the best answer,
i walked off.
went home n banged my head on the wall.


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